Monday, September 1, 2014

Radio silence

Sorry about the radio silence;  we've been away, supposedly to find warmth and sunshine but we were up to our usual tricks and broke the Queensland drought, on the coast anyway.
 The Glass House Mountains as seen from Bribie Island, so named as they reminded Captain Cook of glass furnaces as used in Britain at the time.  Note the stormy sky!
 Pelican on Noosa river.  There were very few pelicans around as they had all gone to Lake Eyre in South Australia to make babies.  Lake Eyre is usually a dry lake that fills at 3 to 10 year intervals so my question is how does a pelican from 2,000 kms away know there is water in the lake?
 Noosa River
 Lace backed monitor lizard seen when we took a boat trip up the Noosa river to the Everglades.
A rather wet kookaburra trying to dry on the wet fence.
No fibre to show, what with damaged leg (still healing) and a cold which has left me with what folks are calling the 48 day cough and the rain I didn't even get near the shops but it was a good break and now looking forward to sitting at the looms.
Of course, it seems we missed some super sunny days at home and its now cold and stormy as seen from my kitchen window, the surf is really wild.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Design Award

At the end of the last post I said I was off to the opening of Creative Fibre Experience Exhibition in Hamilton.  I have been walking around with a smile for two weeks having been rung to be told I'd won the Design Award kindly sponsored by Gisler Architects of Te Awamutu.  Its the first weaving award I've earned at a national level so doubly delighted.
 Apparently I clinched it with the border at top and bottom.  As I said to the audience last year it differentiates the article from a length of fabric with tassels to a designed garment.
Peter had his camera and took many shots of the exhibition but it'll take a while for them to be developed from RAW.
A comment from a recent post was ....the whole idea of putting my weaving out there scares me witless!  I've always thought that though there can only be one winner for each award it takes many entries to make an exhibition worthy of an audience, to make it worthwhile for the many volunteers who work real hard to make it happen, to make it viable for the sponsors, to make it worthwhile for viewers to travel often many hours to get to and from the exhibition.  I work to the best of my ability and if the magic is there I enter it.
I will add that I'd paid the entry fee for another piece to be entered but, a. it wasn't finished in time and b. to do it in a hurry it wasn't going to be as good as I new it should be.
I do hope Creative Fibre is going to continue to support and finance this wonderful Experience Exhibition as it is a great window to the Society.

(PS - the leg is healing well.)

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Wounded and Thrums

My first selfie.

Not a pretty picture.  Under the bandage is quite a wedge shaped wound with seven stitches.  There goes weaving for a week or so!

Tripped over a bulldog clip sticking out of a filing basket if you are wondering!
Luckily there is always plenty of yarn to play with while elevating the leg.  Last week I spent quite a bit of time (probably too much) knotting thrums together.  I think I remember correctly that there were 29 different blanket ends there.  Because I rotated through the 7 piles in vague order they all work together whereas individually they wouldn't have worked in combination.

12 balls knotted
Compost side
 Tomorrow (Thursday) we drive through to Hamilton for the opening of Creative Fibre Experience then head to Tauranga via the Kaimai hills so Peter can give a talk to the Photographic club.  Such a busy life!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Tangerine Dream

I entered Tangerine Dream in Creative Fibre Experience exhibition and it has been accepted.  Whew!
16/2 cotton, 48 epi, weft 2 x 16/2 threads.
A networked warp based on a three end initial with 3 echoes.  That is 4 warp lines each a different colour, blue, green, orange, yellow.  I should probably have used two different colours in the weft but I don't have a great selection of cotton so I used the same blue and orange as in the warp.
Click on the pics for a clearer look.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Yes, more blankets

More blankets, this time kingfisher (kotare) one with a blue weft and one turquoise, have been delivered to Inspirit Gallery

 And the next one on the loom is wonderful shades of red, deep and moody.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Computer on the blink again

Its been a while and, as my computer is on the blink again, it might be longer yet!  That's the computer that drives my loom - sniff, sniff.  I just put a 16/2 cotton warp on, 1008 threads.  As I walk past I smile and say 'you are pretty'.  Not that I don't have a backload of blankets on order to keep me busy.

Last week I presented my workshop "Knitting Our Unique Yarns" to a group of ladies from the Pahoia Spinners and Weavers club.  It went well (I think) with some positive comments.  I figure that if the students are entertained for a morning and enthused to pick up their needles and cast a project on its worth it.  I asked the ladies to fill in a short questionnaire at the end and they gave me some excellent feedback which I'm happy to take on board.  The last question was 'should I give up tutoring' and they all said no so there we are.  One dear lady rang me in the evening to say how much she enjoyed her morning which I appreciated.

I sent my work off to the Creative Fibre Experience exhibition but can't show photos until after selection.

You might notice I've put a "Follow by email" button on the top right hand corner of my blog.  I don't know how it works but you might like to sign up and we'll see what happens.  Let me know if you have problems with it.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

This weeks creations

 Ebony and kiekie blankets for Pauanesia.
 There is a national exhibition, Creative Fibre Experience, coming up very fast and I thought I should make an entry as I was a selector last year.  Well ...  I've decided I shouldn't try so hard to make something special for exhibition but to make what I love and set it aside when it excites me.
A few weeks ago I acquired a box of 16/2 cotton thread from a friend and the colours spoke to me.  Here it is still on the loom trying a new weave from "Echo and Iris".  More information when it is finished and been through the wet bath.
 Earlier in the year I bought two lots of sliver from "fibre2go" at the Majacraft Camp in Rotorua.  It has been spun and knitted.  The slivers were called "Jewels" and "Purples" and the pattern is by Stephen West called Metalouse free from Knitty Winter 2012.  I have a real thing for slip stitch knit patterns at present.