Wednesday, October 31, 2012

What I learnt along the way

What I learnt along the way while preparing for Japonisme.  In no particular order, just thoughts as they come to me.

No matter how much fabric you think you need weave an extra metre or two.  It makes the planning and cutting so much easier, and you always need more.

Set yourself a finish date at least 3 or 4 days ahead of actual delivery time.  The finishing takes longer than you think and the paperwork including artist's bio and statements take forever.  Allow time.  Do it as each piece is being worked on while the passion is there.

Be passionate about your subject.  Research, study, investigate, sketch, draw, play.

Allow plenty of time.  If your working life is already chock a block either have a very understanding boss (as I did) or don't book the gallery too early.  You cannot manufacture time.  There are only 24 hours in a day.

It reinforced that I love weaving; OK I'm obsessed with it.  Not so much the making it into something else once it comes off the loom.  So maybe that's why I've stuck to scarves, wraps, blankets, etc.  I've always sewn; learnt on a Singer treadle machine when a tot.  When given a choice of party or sewing machine for my 21st birthday I took machine (which probably says something about me)!  So now I find it strange to realise I didn't enjoy the sewing side so much.  I have a couple of projects I want to make for myself and I'll see how they go without the pressure.

I enjoyed collaborating with a friend.  It did take the pressure off by sharing responsibility but also it meant I felt more committed to doing as perfect a job as I could.  We didn't live in each other's pockets.  Every now and then there would be a flurry of emails, we had one get together at my son's home to share ideas, but most of the time we just got on with it.  It wasn't until delivery to the gallery that we saw each others works and they all worked together. 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Japonisme Part 2

The following are images from Alison Francis, my partner in the Japonisme exhibition at NorthArt Gallery, Auckland




Spring Blossom and Summer Haze

Autumn Maples

Winter Trees

I failed to get a photo of Alison's wonderful jacket constructed from five different fabrics, Autumn.  It can be
seen at this web page of the gallery pics.

Edit:  Here is the jacket:

Saturday, October 20, 2012

I've won a prize!

Remember the Kereru wraps, one of which was a disaster, back here?  The second one had untreated grey wool weft and did what it was supposed to do - felt - but, in my usual state of inefficiency, there is no photo of it.  This is the green weft one just to remind you.
Among all the rush to get Japonisme together I also entered Kereru in the Waikino Art Exhibition, showing over Labour Weekend (this weekend).  It has become quite a big exhibition and well patronised.  Word of mouth tells us I have won the Handcraft section.  That means the section with all fibre, sculpture, pottery, ceramics etc. Woo hoo!

Pete has also won the open section of Photography but, as he entered several photos, we don't know which won.  No we didn't go to the opening Wine and Cheese and no, no one rang to say it might be an idea to go as seems to happen for most exhibitions around here.

I better come down off my cloud and get back to looming, dusting etc.

Great news!

Hope you didn't get too excited by the title - for me the news is beyond great.

I do not need surgery on the shoulder.  Yep, all the hard work on exercising and stretching, not to mention a few tears along the way, and help from the physiotherapist have paid off.  Still a ways to go; the gross movement is 10 degrees off normal and now working on the fine controls.  When I first went to physio she said set a goal.  The goal I set was to do up my bra (does the world need to know that) and I've achieved it.  Its not a pretty sight and takes a while but I'm getting there.

The horrifying point to come out of the visit to the surgeon was him telling me that if I did have surgery the shoulder would more than likely freeze again and I'd be back to square one.  So, no thank you!

The other wonderful news is that my darling daughter in law is pregnant due end of April.  I'll be clearing the knitting machines down soon and just waiting to know if its lace or cables.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Japonisme Part 1

Sunday, October 14 2012, 5 pm and people started coming through the door - coming to see our work.  It really was special to have so many friends and family come to support us.

  Each garment was hung from the ceiling with fishing line and hovered above a plinth, slowly turning allowing viewers to interact.
The following are Dianne's garments and art.
Kournryusui (Floating with the Tide)
Cottom, rayon, silk, silk fabric
Extended twill.

Merino, acetate lining
Main fabric - Echo weave
Collar - shibori

Shibui (Elegant with a touch of grunge)
Wool, angora, silk lining

Sakura (Cherry)
Body - shibori
Collar - diversified plain weave

Sakura no hana (Cherry blossom)
Cotton, silk, lurex, silk lining
Diversified plain weave

Kimonos - cotton, lurex
Silk fabric background

Ryusui (Flowing Water)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Two proud weavers!

It seems no matter how organised you think you are there is always a rush at the end with final stitching, writing bios, sorting photos but we both got to the Gallery near the appointed time even if I was a bit shattered after a fast two hour trip.  (We laughed our heads off when Alison and I realised we were wearing the same top.)

Opening night on Sunday was well attended and it was especially great to see so many friends and family.  And we had sales!
Dianne and Alison in front of Alison's coat.
I'll share photos as soon as I can, hopefully tomorrow after DH develops them from RAW, but am just leaving for Tauranga to see the surgeon about my shoulder.  Surgery or not??  My physio cheered me up by saying I'd improved so much she thought I might get away without it.  Mind you another friend said, just remember surgeons do surgery!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Feeling decidedly

Shibui - elegance with a touch of grunge

Ryusui - Flowing Water

Sakura - cherry blossom
Some images to tempt you to come see "Japonisme"

I'm still weaving!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Dates in time

One week tomorrow exhibition works delivered to gallery.

One week from Sunday is "Japonisme" opening.

Two years from yesterday I get the pension.  Oops, that has nothing to do with our exhibition.

If you're in the area do come to the opening or visit NorthArt Gallery before November 4.