Saturday, March 31, 2018

Denim blue wrap

The many faces of this possum merino silk wrap.  Woven as turned taquete with a navy and taupe warp sett at 36 epi and a blue silk weft.
It can be worn with the buttoned edge down the shoulder as a poncho style garment

or with the buttons down the front.
Note how the lines increase in size to the centre back then deminish again.

Undo the buttons and it is lovely as a conventional wrap

or as a pull through scarf

or regular scarf.

My favourite style with draping on the shoulder.
Wrap available from Waihi Beach Gallery.

Friday, March 30, 2018

Coromandel Seascape blankets

A friend was visiting and, as she walked up the stairs, saw my art and asked for a blanket in those colours for her new home.

She chose one, one is at Waihi Beach Gallery and I still have the darker blue one here if anyone interested.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Table Runners

Back in September last year I wrote a post about table runners, one in particular which I called "Ravenna" which subsequently won the Bay of Plenty Weaver's Award at the Area Exhibition.

Since then there has been some secret weaving.  I have just been to the annual Seminar of NZ Professional Weavers Network in Waikanae.  I flew from Hamilton to Palmerston North where Ann picked me up and hosted me for the night before we continued on for the weekend.  She also kindly returned me to the airport after seminar making the whole trip very very easy.

I did some discrete research (thank you Tania) and found the furnishings in her lounge/dining room were navy and yellow and it worked perfectly.

Again this is 4 colour double weave with navy and yellow alternating in the warp sett at 40 epi and a mid blue and sort of apricoty taupe in the weft.
Below Ann's table
Below, my table.  For the life of me I can't make two the same size.
While the blue and yellow were still on the loom Rene came to visit and as she was leaning over the loom studying the weave in minute detail she says "You can come stay the night with me anytime!"  A hint is a hint and as she had just had a significant birthday and does so much more for Creative Fibre than anyone knows or would believe I got to work.  I think she likes it!
The 3 cylinder vase is one my mother made many years ago.
Charcoal grey and silver grey warp with a chartreuse rayon and pale green cotton in the weft.
One tile
And another

and call me mad but I just love these wee centres of the cross.

Measurements are 40cm wide by 112cm long and I have a spare of each colourway.

And to show you it doesn't always go my way this set of cotton with a thick (maybe 10 ply in knitting terms) linen has puckered considerably.  The linen didn't shrink at the same rate as the cotton.  They are ecru rather than the white they appear in this picture. 
Any family member want them?  First one with their hand up!
(Aww that's not really fair as one is working the graveyard shift!)

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Sunset Blankets

Have recently finished a run of blankets for Pauanesia inspired by a sunset.

Warp all tied on ready to roll on the back beam.

I love the view from the back of the loom showing the different hues.

Can I say it, Wow!

Three different wefts scarlet, corally red and stripes.  
The warp is 8 ply (double knit) wool and weft is mohair, all hand dyed.