Friday, June 28, 2013

I'm stuck ...

I was literally.  Miracle of miracles, I was cleaning up under the loom and I became stuck between my loom seat and the breast beam.  I was about to sing out for help but decided it was just too embarrassing to have to ask DH to remove loom seat.  With some squishing and readjusting I got free.  Not a pretty picture.

But these are.
 Another 4 colour double weave using the same threading and tie up but changing the treadling.
 I called this blanket Cathedral Cove as it reminds me of a bay on the Coromandel Peninsula with deep azure blue and turquoise water, surrounded by bush.  Both this one and its partner have found new homes.
The wrap I was knitting all the way to Porirua festival and back earlier in the year.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Catch up

Two week update.  Doesn't she look cosy in the Star burst blanket.


Did you see my scarf on "Seven Sharp" last week?  The segment at Inspirit Gallery about Field Days.  No! I'm not surprised, it flicked across the screen in two nano seconds.  But now I want to know if I can advertise "as seen on TV".
And I know you only come here for the weaving.  Both scarves woven on the same warp - navy blue and light blue.  The first is echo weave using a variegated weft of mid blue and purple.
This second is 4 colour double weave, same navy and blue warp and rust and dark olivey green weft.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Recently finished projects

I'm loving this 4 colour double weave and find it amazing that both of these scarves came from the same warp.
 This reminds me of snake skin.
 Different colours dominate on either side.  This red one is quite deep and darker red/navy.  They are both mercerised cotton so have some iridescence.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Let me introduce ...

Let me introduce you to Zoe Janet, my son and daughter in law's new daughter and sister for Jack.  She was nearly a week late (we forgive her for that) but when she decided it was time to come she arrived in a rush.  No time to get to the scheduled hospital, just go around the corner to the birthing centre.  One hour tops.  Well her Mum says a little longer.  Weighs 7lb 14 ozs  3560 gms, 53 cm long.

When I walked into the hospital room I thought oh, someones given K. a baby doll.  Silly GranD.  She was so tiny and cute on the big bed.
Zoe, Day 2 
Zoe, Day 3 home already
Welcome to our family darling Zoe and may all your life's adventures be awesome.

PS unsubstantiated rumour tells us Jack thinks she is very little and that she has been told 'this is my mummy'.  He's in boy heaven today watching a truck and digger from his Dad's office window.