Monday, December 30, 2013

Bunny for Zoe

It's been hard keeping quiet about cute Bunnykins.
This is a commercial pattern from 30 odd years ago.  
But a good stash bust.  
The only thing I bought was the 20c pink nose.
I have to say Zoe was far more interested in the cellophane paper stitched into fabric.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Seasonal Red

I just looked back at the list on the last post and I've achieved all except the lose weight, in fact the scales might be going the other way what with cake, cookies and ice cream.  Oh dear!

Two more blankets have been woven on the warp I was tieing on and are waiting for finishing before photographing.  I thought these Rata ones deserved another shot.

 I've joined a group called "Fibre Artists" at the Cargo Shed in Tauranga.  The historic Cargo Shed is home to about 15 artists displaying their work for sale and an exhibition space for invited exhibitors.  It works out that I'll have to "man" the stand three days a month and yesterday was my first try.  Below shows part of the area of the Fibre Artists.

 There is also a table with knitting started for anyone to work on.  I was thrilled at the number of young folks who made a bee-line for the needles and knitted a few rows.

 Below is part of the runner I was working on.  Summer and winter, cotton warp and slub linen weft.  This is real stash busting.  When I first wove to sell at Whangamata, ooooh, 30 years ago I acquired a lot of yarns from Old Mrs Lloyd.  I never met Old Mrs Lloyd nor do I remember how I came by the yarns but I know many in my stash came from her.  I'm sure she would be pleased they are being used at last.
I'd like to wish you all the very best for the holiday season
and a really happy and creative 2014.

Monday, December 16, 2013

New blogs

So I got up this glorious summer morning thinking I was Super Woman
1.  Write Christmas cards  (didn't get this done last year)
2.  Make Christmas cake  (fruit is soaking - that's a start)
3.  Weave table runner  (to match mats already woven)
4.  Tie on blanket warp  (notice I didn't think I could weave them as well)
5.  Wind scarf warp  (lovely new merino to try)
6.  Wind wrap warp  (then I can dismantle reel and store it)
7.  Lose 10 kg  (see 2. above)

The following are links to two friends new-ish blogs and Alison's web site.  Do make a cup of coffee and take time out to read them and become followers.

Edit:  Its 8.30pm and I'm stopping for the day.  
The cake has been declared a success by the cookie monster aka Mr Loomtalk.
25 cm to go on runner.
Tie on for blanket started.
Both warps wound, reel away ...and ... floor vacuumed.
OK I sampled the cake as well.
And three different visitors and a longish phone call!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Finished projects

Quercus cardigan from Knitty by Julie Turjoman
Knitted from recycled yarn as you can see it looks a bit stripey, especially on the back.  I think I'll enjoy wearing this regardless.

 Cotton/linen placemats
 and runner in Summer and Winter.
 Scarf using lots of novelty yarns.
 A peek at the next couple of blankets for Pauanesia.
 And the weft for more blankets.  Just waiting for dye powder to come or I wouldn't have time to be writing here.