Sunday, January 8, 2023

2022 Creations part 2

Continuing on with the 2022 summary.
Here we have a warp chain wound from a cone of variegated merino yarn with the colours stacked as I wound.

A series of scarves for Kina Gallery, New Plymouth follows.

The warps for these scarves were wound the same way in a darker colourway reflecting the Takahe.  Also at Kina Gallery.
More scarves for Kina Gallery in Teal shades.
 Blanket reflecting the Paua, also at Kina Gallery.
I did a wee demonstration at the Bay of Plenty Weavers group on threading front to back, tying on a new warp and lacing the warp to the front beam.
I wanted a fairly simple threading so that my old brain could cope while demonstrating.  I chose this Deflected Double Weave, Fantasy on 4 Shafts, from Double with a Twist by Marion Stubenitsky, page 70.  
It is so effective for 4 shafts, 4 treadles. 
There has been tea towel weaving; here is a selection. 
These are woven 4 colour double weave. 
I enjoyed knitting this wrap for my grand daughter (love in every stitch).
Pattern is Reflexions by Alla Saenko.  
The last weave of the year was a series of Pohutukawa blankets inspired by so many of the trees in full bloom; most appropriate for the Festive Season.
Hoping 2023 gifts you with peace, fun and laughter. 

Saturday, January 7, 2023

2022 Creations Part 1

Happy New Year
Lets see if I can't do more than one post this year.
I'm getting an understanding of why it doesn't happen already!
2021 ended with a run of Kingfisher (Kotare) blankets which are always well received. 
 The only work to be blogged about last year was this gorgeous crochet wrap of handspun yarn.  I think the pattern is Nova Shawl by Sara Kay Hartmann but I could be wrong.  There are many versions on Pinterest!
Anawhata Beach blankets for Pauanesia.
Unfortunately Pauanesia closed in 2022.  It was my honour and pleasure to have colaborated with Heather for 20 years on many projects extending my skills and love of flora and fauna of New Zealand.
I'm often amazed at how a photo of sunrise (which I don't see very often) will reflect what I'm working on on the loom. (The lights on the horizon are ships waiting to go into Tauranga port.)
Sunrise over Sea 
I had about 10 days of retirement before I got a message from Kina NZ Design and Artspace in New Plymouth asking for a series of blankets.
I started with Coromandel Seascape as that's what I treasure every day.  
Tasman Sea because New Plymouth borders it. 
 And Tasman Park.
Hubby was moaning mentioning how cold the winter was so I got the bulky knitting machine out.  After consulting the instruction books and a few trial and errors I think he was happy with it.  I couldn't get it off him to wet finish it!
Another sunrise, with the moon included, reflecting the next project. 
Chained warps for a commission. 
My brief was to create a blanket reflecting both Scotland and New Zealand.  We chose the blooms of heather and NZ bush which also shows hints of the Hunter tartan. 
The next challenge was to create a blanket to pull the features of curtains, cushions, table runner together in a room.  Paua filled the bill. 
During the early part of this year (and last year) I was working on pieces for the Professional Weavers Network exhibition, Ngahere.  It is traveling to 7 galleries ending at Pataka, Porirua which I've managed to cut off the bottom.
This shibori piece is Orokawa Bay showing light reflecting off the water and the Pohutukawa trees lining the Bay. 
 I love the long sweeping fronds of the Nikau palm which catch the sunlight and this shibori piece reflects that.
Fruit of the Forest - Harakeke, Karaka and Kowhai 
Can't waste a good threading so tied on for a triple weave runner
And more play with triple weave. 
Beautiful merino Malabrigo sliver of which the outside is dark bold shades and the inside pale pastel which spun up to soft heathery autumn colours.
A friend waited patiently for a runner in Coromandel Seascape colours, an echo weave for the weavers.
My darling daughter took a screen shot of a knit hat being worn in a movie and said "Hey Mum, want a challenge?"  This is my interpretation. 
That takes us to about halfway through the year.  More later.