Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I have been doing fibrey stuff.  I hope there is enough of the blue/brown to knit a pair of socks and I don't know what the teal will become but it has been half spun for years so will be good to look at yarn instead of sliver, there's about 400 gm.

I have been dyeing wool and mohair for sofa throws for Pauanesia, two are woven and ready for wet finishing and tying the next set on the loom.  Also working on exhibition project and I thought I could do some sewing for myself in between times ...!  Never enough time!

Saturday, January 9, 2010


Last Sunday, a glorious hot, non-windy summers day, I had a stand at the Whiritoa market, held each year to raise funds for the "first response" unit.  I didn't sell a thing, not even close.  I new it was a gamble as most of my work is wool though I do have a few cotton wraps and scarves. 
So I have made the decision - no more outdoor markets - which means I don't have to purchase a pergola.
I am booked at the Whangamata market at the end of January but indoors.  Its still a bit early for woollen sales but this market is held each long weekend and if you don't attend you lose your prime spot.  My space is next to my friend with her jewelery and we help each other and natter.
Other fibrey news, well I've had a lovely visit from my daughter this week and she helped me go through my wardrobe as I was complaining it was full of clothes but I had nothing to wear.  We put all the winter things,    and a few garments I hope to shrink into soon, to one side and then had two piles; what I can wear and "Sallies" (thats the Salvation Army).  Next morning I still couldn't find anything to wear!  Seems I badly need beach clothes so now I know what has to be made or bought.   I better get to it!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Look what I got

Look what I got for Christmas.  I've read it cover to cover, twice.  This is an excellent book, a very easy read but full of wonderful information from wheel types to designing your own designer yarn and how to get there in between.  Its about deciding what yarn you want and how to create it whether worsted, woollen, designer or plain.  I've been to workshops with Pat and the book reads as though she is standing at my shoulder helping me get the yarn I want.  There are two very useful pages talking about fleece types and breeds of New Zealand sheep which I'm sure anyone from other countries could substitute with their own  breeds.  A must have for any spinners library available from Majacraft.

This pile of "compost" is the thrums left from my last woven blanket and could be my next designer yarn if I can be brave enough to risk life and limb climbing an extension ladder to the attic to use my drum carder.  That's how inspired I've been by this gem of a book.

Whats on the looms

Meg suggested we show whats on our looms on New Years Day.  I'm a bit late, as usual, but did photograph  my Bambina yesterday.

Not that I'm going to say much as its an exhibition piece.  Its double weave, clear monofilament thead of unknown origin and the knitting needles mark a slot just big enough for the hanging rod.
My other ladies are naked!