Thursday, December 31, 2015

Indigo blue scarves

Sneaking these in before the year ends.
I realised my stock at The Cargo Shed was sadly lacking in variety of colour, particularly blues, so quickly tied a warp onto the 2:1 1:2 block warp and here we are ....
 Woven in blocks
 and stripes (below)
 The warp is merino 110/2 and the weft hand dyed silk.  Below the scarf on top is showing the silk dominant side and the darker one underneath shows the wool dominant side.
 The silk glows beautifully (below).
Devine to wear and non-gender specific.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Pohutukawa blankets

 We have had a very poor showing of pohutukawa flowers this year.  They bloom on last years growth and the trees are covered in new leaves so next year should be a cracker.  Doesn't stop me interpreting pohutukawa in a blanket.

 One has gone with a lovely family to Tokyo

and the second is in Inspirit Gallery waiting for a new home.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Kitchen towels

I've called these kitchen towels, as opposed to the usual tea towel label here in New Zealand, as some have a thicker boucle weft and would be very suitable for hand drying.  They are all cotton warp, some are cotton weft and some 50/50 cotton linen weft. 2/1 twill block threading.
 Teal grey range

 Olive grey range

Turquoise yellow range

After the first run I did rethread the outside stripe onto the same shafts as the turquoise stripe freeing up 4 shafts for a basket weave selvedge which gave a very pleasant edge.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

New Blankets

My goodness, its a month since we last spoke.  
Have been so busy and the looms running red hot!

First up a new variation of Kereru blankets each with a different weft; teal, dark aubergine and a burgundy.

 And then for a change of pace, Hot Pacific.
 The tassels give a truer idea of colour.
All have been delivered to Pauanesia while visiting family in Auckland.