Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bay of Plenty Area Exhibition

Just home from the opening of the Bay of Plenty Area Exhibition prize giving and what a colourful exhibition it is.

I received a Merit certificate for the shibori scarf "Fire" in the weaving section and the lampshade seen here won the Fibre and Technique Award.

the plot thickens

This evening is the opening of the Bay of Plenty Area Exhibition.  I was talking to the Selector about my loom problems and she asked if I was going to the opening.  'No, I'm going Thursday with friends to catch the trades.' (Like I need more stash enhancement!)  'Oh' she said 'I think you better go to the opening.'  So now I'm all on edge ?merit certificate ?something more.  Stay tuned.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Echo Weave

Still trying to find a suitable 'bloppy' weave for a garment.  This looked great on the computer screen but not my ultimate dream.
Warp:  5 end advancing twillechoed with a 6 space shift.
TEX 74/2 merino two chains space dyed, 36 tpi
Weft:  5 end advancing twill, fine cashmere
Tie up:  plaited twill

And that's the rub.  Where the advancing twill came to the end of its sequence the plaited tie up has no continuity.  Which made the blops but also an area that doesn't flow.

I might start investigating vertical lines; I don't want horizontal or diagonal lines on my robust figure!  Hence the desire for blops.  Any suggestions?

I have struck a wee hic cup with the new compu dobby.  As its shaken into place shaft 8 decided it'd take a rest break from time to time and not rise.  As soon as Margaret and Jim heard they were on to it, offering suggestions on adjustments.  For some reason I had lots of phone interruptions yesterday and only wove 1 metre and just on 'knock off' time shaft 12 decided it needed a break too so maybe I need to tweek off the adjustment from yesterday.  Excellent after sale care from Mecchia's.

Recent creations

Karapiro blanket and cushion went to Inspirit Gallery a short time ago.  Warp mainly wool and alpaca and weft mohair, all hand dyed.  Woven two layer twill.

'Pipis and Paua'
As selection for the Bay of Plenty Area exhibition happened yesterday I can show what I entered.  This lamp shade has a very open knitted base fabric attached to the frame and crochet shells attached.

And I couldn't resist entering a shibori scarf "Fire".

'Fire' close up

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

More interleaved samples

I've closed the sett from 20 to 24 tpi and its much better but now wish I'd tried 30 tpi just to see.  The last sample is starting to get the bloppy appearance I could wear but think I'll give up on this threading for fabric.  I've closed the sett right up to 60 tpi (gasp .. I've never been there before) for a cotton scarf in, I think, 20/2 and we'll see where that takes me.