Thursday, June 20, 2019

Creative Fibre Festival Fashion Parade

At the end of April New Zealand Creative Fibre held its bi-annual Festival, this time celebrating its 50th anniversary, in Palmerston North.
Highlights of the Festival include an Exhibition (to which I was one of three selectors), an Education program and the Fashion Parade.

  I managed to finish three entries for the Fashion Parade.  
This coat with the cascading collar in purple, wine and burgundy
has an interesting back view consisting of crochet scrumble motifs.
A lot of the motifs were crocheted while traveling on a trip to Italy last year. 
At one point Pete asked me if I'd brought all the yarn with me.  The joke was he couldn't see how much more was in my suitcase! 


The second piece is a silk wrap woven with two intersecting lines

and wee bead tassels between the silk tassels.

Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of it spread out to show the path of the intersecting lines - due to my being late getting my entries in the post, as usual, chasing my tail.  It sold at Festival so I might have to make something else using the same draft.

The third entry was a hand knit jacket, knitted sideways with hand spun yarn.

It was fun seeing my entries on the catwalk and I always say there can only be so many award winner but if we don't enter there is no show.