Thursday, April 29, 2021

Summer Blue blankets

What better way to celebrate summer than with some beautiful summer blue blankets?
Available from
 Pauanesia store in central Auckland.


Thursday, April 8, 2021

Red blankets

So here we are into April with autumn knocking on the door and the first weaving story of the year.
This is not a warp under control but a lot of patience and stubbornness got the warp with about 50 and more different types of yarn and different red shades onto the loom.  I tie onto a dummy warp which allows me to spread each variety of yarn reasonably evenly across the loom thus avoiding the seersucker effect.  I say reasonably because I use the eyeball method.  One rule I follow is a smooth yarn always goes next to a fluffy mohair one.
Some of the threads are quite fluffy especially the mohair so I find it useful to raise every second thread opening a shed while winding on front to back.

A pleasure to weave once its ready to go.
Two very different blankets from the same warp and they have both found their forever homes.