Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Low Tide Exhibition at Inspirit Gallery

You wouldn't believe it but the busiest week of my year, the week I've been working towards for soooo long and I've got a winter virus, eyes, nose, throat, the works.

Yesterday was "hanging" day at Inspirit so I drove the 1 1/2 hours to Hamilton with car loaded with goodies.  After the arrival of Colleen and Dave and coffee and scones we got going.  I think I'll let the pictures, which were taken before everything was finally settled, do the talking.
The fabric for the Theo Moorman work is courtesy of Pauanesia in Auckland.  Once it came off the loom it was machine embroidered to enhance the image.  I'm not too keen on the height of the two pieces in the middle of the top picture but the hooks were already in the wall!  The monofilament and shell pieces are what inspired the title of the show.  I love walking the beach at low tide and some days if there is the right amount of cloud and the sun in the right position it feels like walking on clouds and on a rare occasion if everything is perfect its magic, like walking in space.  I really like the way Colleen Dewhurst's paintings and my work complement each other.  A proud moment for me.

There is a lot more to see as Jenny also wanted a selection of my scarves and blankets in the gallery (but not the exhibition) as well.  Some are on 'necks' on the empty plinths you can see.

Silk prize

On June 19 Susan over at Thrums was having fun offering a prize to a follower of her blog to celebrate her 100th follower.  If you go read the wee story the first person whose name came out of the hat didn't respond within a week and at the second draw my name came up.  After some correspondence with Susan its Murphy's law but she then heard from the first drawee who had been shifting home.  Susan graciously sent silk to us both and mine arrived yesterday, 100gm of luscious semigloss silk.  I'll let it mature for a short while till a worthy project comes along.  Many thanks Susan.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Thursday, June 3, 2010

What makes a successful exhibition?

How do you judge if an exhibition has been a success or not?  For all my anxiety and feelings of inadequacy I think I did OK.  I had fun, I was challenged,  judging by the questions asked I challenged others, I made a couple of sales, and met some lovely people.  I vote success.

One of my favourite moments was getting an elderly lady to try weaving on a rigid heddle loom, she managed about six pics before her concentration failed, but the look of joy on her face was priceless.  Her carer was also amazed and I think some of the rest home residents will now be given more opportunity to try activities instead of being told to watch.  Hmmm maybe I did absorb more occupational therapy training than I thought even though I fluffed out after 18 months!

Now concentrating on the paperwork for "Low Tide" exhibition at Inspirit.  CV, Artists statement, photos, and finishing off the hanging mechanisms, framing etc.

Am also side tracking  and spinning some gorgeous white alpaca and mulberry silk from Ridgedale Alpacas in Katikati - devine.  No end use planned, just enjoying the spinning.