Saturday, September 7, 2013

Creative Fibre Experience 2013

Yesterday I drove across to Hamilton for the opening of Creative Fibre Experience where I had to make a speech on behalf of the selectors.  I think it went across OK despite loud music echoing around the venue.  I did get on my soap box about the finishing of articles.  Blocking knitting, trimming tassels, the mounting of work, it all adds to the excellence of an article and doubly important when a national exhibition.

A paragraph from the speech:
"Our fibre art is made by hand from fibre to product and, therefore, we have a unique opportunity to place colour and pattern where we want, for instance to create a beginning and an end and sometimes borders as well to create a resolved piece rather than a length of cloth, to create a point of difference from factory made."

The following are pictures of entries which friends have given me permission to post (not necessarily winners)

Agnes Hauptli's "Paradise" silk 100 epi (I think) 
Waikato Area Award, Selectors Choice Best Exhibit
Agnes Hauptli
Fibre2Go Colour Award for the Best Use of Colour
(Blogger has a mind of its own today)
The lighter scarf is by Sue Broad and won the Events Expertise Award - Celebrate Spring
The undulating scarf is by Barbara Johnson.
Closeup of deflected double weave scarf, Sue
Ikat like scarf by Sue Broad

My area of the selectors display and, yes, they apologised for spelling my name wrong.

The exhibition was displayed very well and looked great despite my misgivings at the standard of entries.  I've said it before and I'll say it again, an exhibition should show examples of your finest work, the very best you can do - and, no, its not a "sale of work".  Please support these events the best way you can.

I have finished weaving the 5.3 metres of fabric pictured last post but didn't have a hope of getting it made to wear to the show.  There will be another time - or maybe not if people take offence at me constructively criticizing them.  Obviously some didn't listen to what I said as we (selectors) were accosted afterwards with questions like why didn't such and such get a prize!!

After the opening I took the opportunity to see as much of the Quilt and Craft show as I could.  It was difficult as I've never seen so many women in one place before and, boy, did they have attitude.  Don't get in the way of a women with shopping on her mind.

This blog will be taking a break for a while, probably back mid October.  See you then.

Friday, September 6, 2013

More silverware

When Pete left for the Camera Club meeting I said - don't bring any more cups home.  Did he listen?  Its big enough for a salad bowl!
His swag of wins included B Grade print first, second and third, 
C grade Digital images first,          
Landscape printed images third.
Well done Pete.  
(And he will be horrified at this pic.)

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Diamond fabric

Some time ago I received from an ex weaver two stainless reeds.  She wanted a piece of my work in exchange so I've finally made it - rose and periwinkle.  More 4 colour double weave woven (almost) as drawn in.
 Last week I was in Hamilton selecting (with two others) the Creative Fibre Experience Exhibition which is held each year in conjunction with the Craft and Quilt Show.  For my sins it was decided I have to make the speech from the selectors and while driving home (1 1/2 hrs) I got thinking and decided I really should have a garment that I had woven and made to wear to these functions.  What better way to show off my 'trade'.  Sure I could weave 5.5 metres and sew a garment in ten days.  Except that life does have a way of interrupting dreams but I'll have it for next time.
Four colour double weave, two shuttle weave so slow.  The warp is royal blue and aqua and the weft is purple and teal.  See how the purple weft affects the royal blue making it darker while the teal makes the blue lighter.  Likewise the aqua is affected.  In reality the fabric is slightly darker than this.
 You can take the weaver away from her loom but you can't stop her weaving!  I was at a family function and at the end given some left over flax leaves.  I had to fiddle!