Monday, October 16, 2023


In New Zealand we have a group called The Professional Weavers Network (PWN).  PWN was started in 1992 to 
further the art of weaving through the pursuit of excellence and the promotion of handwoven textiles.
PWN is a group of handweavers who promote excellence in their work, ranging from tapestries through to fabrics.
One of the aims of the group is to promote textile and fibre arts so that they can be acknowledged as a vibrant and exciting contemporary art form that is able to speak to others within society.
Every three to four years we present a major exhibiton and 
Ngahere, the Bush of Aotaroa
has just finished travelling to seven galleries over the past 12 months.
I presented 3 pieces in Ngahere.
Orokawa Bay
This work reflects the light as it catches the waves along the pohutukawa fringed shoreline of Orokawa Bay, expressed using the woven technique of loom controlled shibori. 
175 x 60cm
The elegant form of the nikau palm creates a striking part of the New Zealand landscape.  The sweeping arc of the shiny, three metre long fronds creates a myriad of shapes complemented by the bunches of fruit hanging from the base of the fronds.
I expressed this beauty in woven form using loom controlled shibori, a technique using colour and manipulation to produce shape and texture.
350 x 42cm
In the background you can see my third piece,
Fruit of the Forest
a tryptic featuring Harakeke, karaka and kowhai.
1210 x 60cm

I am very grateful that all three pieces have been sold. 
I went through to Morrinsville to help set up the exhibition and to repack the pieces at the end.  In the middle I went through to Art on Tuesday at the Gallery to give what I thought was a floor talk.  The person giving the piano recital had to cancel due to health problems so after morning tea I was the entertainment. Tonya, Gallery Manager, got me a chair and I said I won't need that, I won't be sitting long still thinking it was a floor talk to an audience of 35-40 people.  Oh no, It was a talk with questions and answers.  It went very well and one and a half hours passed quickly.  Today I met a Morrinsville lady at a Creative Fibre Spin In and I asked her if she had seen Ngahere.  Several times she said, and she went to Art on Tuesday and this lovely lady gave a wonderful talk which she had enjoyed.  I had to admit it was me!

Saturday, October 7, 2023

Deflected Double Weave scarves

Here we are, at the beginning of October and I hadn't realised I have been working with Deflected Double Weave most of the year.  Still am actually.
This particular pattern I got off Pinterest but changed the tie up.  I was very surprised to find, when I cut it off the loom, that the new reverse side was the same as the original design.
Paua above and below again using leftovers from previous projects which can really give a creative edge to the garment.
 Hydrangea above, Rhododendron below

Waihi Beach Gallery asked for some scarves in black and white.
This is an original design using my name to create the name draft.
The kakapo is a nocturnal, flightless parrot which is critically endangered with just 247 birds alive.  Recently Kakapo have been released to the Sanctuary at Mount Maungatautari, near Cambridge.  To celebrate their release I wove these scarves for Inspirit Gallery.
 I used the same original draft above changing it to reflect feathers.
I may be a little obsessed with DDW as I'm about to put yet another warp on the loom.