Saturday, November 21, 2009


A selection of the treasure I have inherited from Mum.  Bone and steel crochet hooks, steel double pointed knitting needles in wood cases, bags of lace, some hand crochet yardage as seen here and the thread to mend stockings.  Is it silk?  The back of the card says "Please Note:  for heel, toe or top use as supplied, For The Leg split thread and use singly.

And this confused bundle of silk.  I see Mum had unravelled some and started to knit a few rows.  Think I'll leave that for a day when the patience isn't stretched.  The ruler is for dress making (Mum was a trained tailoress and why didn't I get lessons from her!), the McCabe Faultless System and seems to work in proportions:  proportion blouse sleeve only, proportion coat sleeve etc.  And buckles and buttons galore, EPNS, art deco, nothing was thrown out.

There are boxes and boxes of crochet cotton (can I weave with that) embroidery threads and fabrics, and books and mags in abundance.  Mum made and dressed ceramic dolls for a while and there are bags of fabric, laces, fastenings, jewels in miniature.

It'll be fun figuring how I can use these treasures.


  1. What lovely little treasures. I have a few old sewing things passed through the family, nothing valuable, but useful things that I can treasure and make use of, like a tiny crochet hook I use to thread my end feed shuttles.

  2. I do that with a crochet hook too.

  3. It'll be interesting to see these treasures in use. Its good to see these crafts are not a lost art. Though I can't imagine mending stockings will ever be popular!

  4. Ah, but I'm thinking if the stocking thread is silk it'll make a lovely accent in a scarf. Are they your colours lovely d in l?