Thursday, May 27, 2010

Guest Exhibitor at Tauranga Exhibition


  1. Lots of work, Dianne. Well done. Did you have a big glass of wine to go with it?

    I'm interested in the piece on the left in the top pic - do you have a close up? I also expected more oranges and reds, but blues are always nice!

  2. I too like the piece on the left in the top pic, it drapes very nicely. I'm liking your use of purple. I really like the purple/teal/orange/yellow number. GOOD LUCK!

  3. I had to leave quickly this morning to get to the opening which I missed! It was over very quickly. I got lots of compliments during the day so that made it worthwhile.
    Do you mean the wrap on the white model. Its knitted (being me its done on the machine with needles out of work) but could be hand knitted and drop stitches and let them run down. I've also done one in weaving with a big gap in the warp. It's then felted, especially the loose threads to make the "bars". And it sold.