Thursday, April 7, 2011

Weave, knit, spin

 There are actually two blankets here.  The one in the bottom right corner has black warp and the second has stripes of blues and greens similar to the warp.
 A shibori worm!  After the fabric came off the loom I dyed it using a shibori technique and then pulled up and knotted the supplemental threads ready to dye the loom controlled shibori pattern into the scarf.  I'm not going to show any more of the finished scarf as I think it is so fabulous I've put it aside for the Bay of Plenty Area exhibition.
 Another pair of Hodge boottees, these are a bit bigger at probably 6 months size.  Had a wee disaster as when I was finished knitting the reverse stocking stitch side showed on one of the fold downs.  Rather than reknit the foot I pulled a thread and reknitted the fold down.  Not as neat as it could be but when little feet are cold ....
See that peg hanging off the thread!  I don't know why I didn't think of this (saw it at Majacraft Camp).  I use pegs to hold yarn on the knitting machine, I pop pegs on loose warp threads on the loom, I use them in the pantry to close packets and in the freezer and now on the wheel.  No more winding it around (and around and around) the tensioner or the hooks where it never held anyway but I kept trying.
Talking of pegs (I told you I use them lots) this is a secret project I've been working on for an exhibition - monofilament and wire.  They don't mix folks.  But the weaving part of the project is now done and all these weights a distant memory.

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