Friday, February 24, 2012

Just Checking In

What do you say when there's not that much to say?

I've been doing paper work.  Annual return for company's office, stuff like that.

I wove away and finished 7 metres of shibori fabric, cut it off the loom and am now slowly fixing the tiny (really tiny) knots in the cotton thread that I missed when winding the warp.  It would have been much easier to cut them out at the start.  To be able to see the knots I wear some very strong reading glasses and an embroidery magnifying glass.  At 30 ends per inch its tricky.  Then I have to pull the resist threads; I've never dealt with more than 2 metres before so it will be interesting.

I did go out one day with a group of ladies to a local spinning group get together.  They meet twice a month in each others houses and natter, knit or spin.  I took some knitting and had a pleasant day but do think I'd be better finding a weaving group to share with.

Next week forms are due in for the Creative Fibre Festival exhibition so they need filling in and posting off which meant finishing off and blocking a project or two which I can't show till after selection.

First weekend in March is the annual seminar of Professional Weavers Network in Silverstream with guest speaker/tutor being Maryann Stamford from Australia so that will be a full on interesting weekend - after I get past my duties as Secretary/Treasurer and hopefully someone will step forward to be the new Convener.

Oh and on one of the two very hot sunny days we had (after the last moan) I had a swim in the breakers; not a pretty picture but refreshing and fun.

Back to the knots ...


  1. I am so interested in your shibori. I have only done it once, and my pull threads were warp-wise in a diamond pattern on a 4-yard warp - very hard to pull. Are yours warp or weft wise? Can't wait to see pics.

    Also, I agree about weaving buddies. I have great reading and knitting buddies, but my WWW (Wild Women Weavers) buddies are EXTRA great.

  2. My resist threads are weft wise so a lot of them over 7 metres. Its taking time.