Monday, August 6, 2012

I need a holiday!

My goodness, I need a holiday.  The weaving just won't go right.  The blanket mentioned in the last post has a threading error right through it 2.2 metres, on both layers and its unfixable.  Grrr.

Meet Wingspan, a ravelry pattern.  I did a couple of extra segments to get a good wrap around for a scarf.

Truer colours.
A close up showing how I crocheted the ends at each change of yarn.  Note that alternate colours went on each other, light pink on wine, wine on light pink to blend.  I did this thinking I could just tie the two ends together at the end of the crochet loops to form a tassel thus avoiding the needle stitching in but that didn't happen for some reason.

There will be no posts here till the end of August as I really am going on holiday ... to Perth, West Australia to see my brother and his family.  Here's hoping we find some sunshine over there because we have really really had enough rain.

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