Friday, November 9, 2012

Pot pouri of catch up

The Kereru wrap as it was displayed at the exhibition recently; upside down, inside out and scrunched to death.  In fact it was more scrunched as it wasn't covering the bobbin lace piece until I started fiddling.

 A simple display at home on the wall.  My lesson is to provide props or hanging system if at all possible and go to the opening to check things out.
Now that the exhibition is behind us and I've made a small headway on work for Pauanesia  (hand dyed warp for Beach blankets) 

a major clean up and finishing of started projects is to happen.  I meant to record the knitting machine before tidy up started, this is about halfway through:

I have finished a hand knit jumper for Jack who is nearly two.  Hopefully it'll still fit him in six months time as its supposed to be nearly summer here, though you wouldn't know it with a chilly breeze.  Many much worse off than that though.
The stitch pattern came from an old Burda magazine and I made up the garment pattern.  We held it against his back and there is room for growth.

One of the bags of "stuff" under the machine was this yarn which has now been straightened and waiting for a new incarnation.
Weaving is happening; two Beach blankets finished and delivered, two more blankets woven and awaiting finishing and a second shibori wrap started on the dobby.  Time to get back to it.

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