Friday, June 28, 2013

I'm stuck ...

I was literally.  Miracle of miracles, I was cleaning up under the loom and I became stuck between my loom seat and the breast beam.  I was about to sing out for help but decided it was just too embarrassing to have to ask DH to remove loom seat.  With some squishing and readjusting I got free.  Not a pretty picture.

But these are.
 Another 4 colour double weave using the same threading and tie up but changing the treadling.
 I called this blanket Cathedral Cove as it reminds me of a bay on the Coromandel Peninsula with deep azure blue and turquoise water, surrounded by bush.  Both this one and its partner have found new homes.
The wrap I was knitting all the way to Porirua festival and back earlier in the year.

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