Friday, October 25, 2013

Travels part 2

Part 2
We took an overnight ferry from Ancona to Split arriving early morning.
 First view of Split from the ferry.
 Peter is very impressed with the layout of the Split harbour.  Very wide promenade area amongst the palms.  Plenty of room for cafes and restaurants to have tables.  Cruise boats, commercial activity to the south, protected area for small craft to the north and beyond that the big yachts tie up.

After nearly two weeks away from my looms Split Ethnographic Museum provided me with a much needed fibre fix.
 Ravni kotari - Woman's costume - second half of 19th century

Vrlika - Girl's costume - first half of 20th century
 Close up of bag from above

 Imotski - woman's costume early 20th century
 Beautiful embroidery as well as interesting pleated apron.

Woven handbag - Pegora 1930

and one for the men.

 Rug loom
 Much tying on has been done.
 Sorry its out of focus.  Leather straps go over the two shafts which are controlled by lams, rolling over the shaft, one up, one down.  
 Photo of an enlarged photo of ladies working at rug looms.
Wee girl with spindle and fleece attached to paddle.

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