Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The carder

The cupboard that takes the overflow.  When visitors come I tell them its Pandora's box and they open at their own risk.

I have a project and needed the carder to mix just two handfuls of fibre.  There it is, almost at the bottom, just under the green blanket.  Actually I couldn't see it either but I found its handle!  I valiantly burrowed through the pile (offcuts of handwoven fabric, bags of warp ends, yarn by the score, exciting projects started and left).  I had the carder box out and on the floor.  Wait!  What's in that ... and down it all came.

So I decided it was the opportunity to retrieve a box of fabric from the bottom of the far right of the cupboard so I could make some bunting for wee Zoe's room.  Did I find some treasures!  More about that later, probably after Christmas cause I know otherwise Zoe's mum will tell her what's coming!  But lets just say my daughter, the accountant, still has all the creations I made her.

 So above is the compost heap of fleece, sliver, locks of mohair, silk sliver, bits of yarn etc and below are the three bats I put through the carder with just one pass.
 And below is the sample of chunky spun, dare I say, art yarn.  Its not as thick as I thought it would be so time to go try again.

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  1. Oh, what a sight for sore eyes. I have a closet like this. Except now I have more on the floor so visitors can't stay in the stash room that is no longer the spare bedroom.