Saturday, March 15, 2014

Seminar at Coopers Beach

Well I have to say Seminar at Coopers Beach was a really really fun few days.  So wonderful to be with a group of fibre junkies who just want to talk weaving.  It was amazing to attend the opening of Agnes and Stacey's awesome exhibition "Nature in the Making" and I do hope anyone who has the opportunity to see it does.  Lots more photos on their facebook page (but so much better to see it in reality).
Entrance to Nature in the Making, Earth House, Peria

We had an excellent presentation and discussion about our next exhibition and though I'd seen most of the presentation about 6 months ago I'm still excited by the concept and looking forward to some design work.  Stacey gave two talks and Ian Spalding and Yvonne Sloan entertained us one evening with their journey from learning to weave to making a full time living from it.

Food was pretty good but some of my friends will understand the irony of my husband waiting at my pick up stop with a vegetarian CURRY pie.  I smiled and ate up not mentioning that it was my fifth curry meal in three days!!

I came home to two blankets ready for labelling, two ready for tasselling and two ready to go on the loom so guess what I'm working on? 

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