Friday, May 16, 2014

Tidying up a scarf

For quite some time I've been wanting to try a block weave and to feature, or use up, designer and novelty yarns.  Don't think I could pass this mess off as "novel"!  The merino has shrunk as has the possum (some thick bottle green threads on the left of the pic) and those ribbons!!  Someone suggested splitting the ribbon up the middle and twisting each part into a tassel but that left an open edge on the ribbon. 
While pinning it out on cardboard I flipped the ribbon out of the way and immediately could see the possibility.  I adjusted knots as best I could and pinned the knot end to the cardboard.  (Has anyone seen my green self healing board - its done a runner?)  Then I 'shot of steamed' and pressed the tassels and put them in the sun to dry.
After trimming the ends it looks much better, not perfect by any means but better.  And the ribbon ends?  I put an overhand knot at the fell and then threaded them back on themselves out of the way.  Click the image to enlarge.
And when its all scrunched up ....
For a more professional tutorial on tasselling go to Susan's blog


  1. gosh, thanks Dianne!

    I like to leave a longer tassel and do the final trim after all the washing , pressing and fiddling is done. Then I use the rotary cutter and trim them up neat. I still leave a little longer tassels so customers can trim up too.

    Any recommendation on the possum merino silk blend? Does it mix well with other fibres in a warp? :)


    1. Um, I'll let you know. See today's post. It is a single ply and a bit fragile but I'll try. Have used it as weft no problem.