Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Rinda's jacket and other knitting

Rinda's jacket, or thingie, thick and warm .... acrylic. 
Another one off the eternal list
and she immediately wore it on the plane to Wellington.
A hit!
 Zoe's lace jumper fits a treat
as does Jack's Grandad jacket both made longer than the patterns.
When Jack opened the parcel he informed me he doesn't wear green, only blue!
A 3.5 year old with confidence.  May it last.


  1. Hi Diane,
    I'm so impressed with the red jacket! Simply beautiful! I've just hauled out my knitting needles today ~ Tour de France starts, so I've hours and hours of TV time to fill. I think I'll start slowly and just do some toe up socks...

    1. Thanks Lynette. The red jacket is one enormous square with opposite sides folded to form sleeves then cuffs and collar added - hence the description - thingie.