Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Wounded and Thrums

My first selfie.

Not a pretty picture.  Under the bandage is quite a wedge shaped wound with seven stitches.  There goes weaving for a week or so!

Tripped over a bulldog clip sticking out of a filing basket if you are wondering!
Luckily there is always plenty of yarn to play with while elevating the leg.  Last week I spent quite a bit of time (probably too much) knotting thrums together.  I think I remember correctly that there were 29 different blanket ends there.  Because I rotated through the 7 piles in vague order they all work together whereas individually they wouldn't have worked in combination.

12 balls knotted
Compost side
 Tomorrow (Thursday) we drive through to Hamilton for the opening of Creative Fibre Experience then head to Tauranga via the Kaimai hills so Peter can give a talk to the Photographic club.  Such a busy life!


  1. Oh, you poor thing! Sorry to hear you hurt yourself.... and hope it heals quick.

    Great use of the thrums!

  2. Isn't it scary how much damage can be done by something really minor. Keep that foot up and keep working on those lovely thrums. Hope you're weaving again very soon

  3. Oh my...what a way to go! I'll bet you get a few funny looks when you explain exactly what type of bulldog bit you! Take care of yourself.