Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Significant birthday

I've earned my Gold Card.
A significant birthday this weekend
and it was wonderful to have
my whole family together
plus some friends.


  1. Happy Birthday Dianne! Lovely bouquet and I assume your super gold card is the same as our 'special' card here in Canada. Hope your day was very memorable...


  2. Thanks Susan, it was a super weekend.
    Actually the Gold Card isn't much use to me living in the back of beyond as we do. It gives discounts on things like public transport (with conditions) etc. Pete is going to "shout" me a trip to Waiheke Island as I've never been and the ferry is now free!

  3. Happy Birthday Diane!
    Wow, free ferry to Waiheke....we paid more that $230 return in March with our little car, so that will be a huge bonus. Don't miss visiting Mudbrick Winery, they have a great restaurant and a spectacular view of Auckland, we had a very good meal there.

    1. Thanks for greetings Lynette.
      I don't think the car is free, just the people. Its become a popular day out with "silver tops".