Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Big Reveal "Plumage"

If you have been reading the blog over the past few months you'll know I've been working on a secret project.
This year Pauanesia has been in business for 20 years and to celebrate 
Heather, owner of Pauanesia, asked 20 artists who customarily supplied the shop to create 20 articles each.  Heather and I have collaborated together to design 20 scarves celebrating seven New Zealand native birds under the collective title "Plumage".
Ta Da ...
From the bottom we have Tui x3, 
kotare (kingfisher) x3, 
kakapo x3, 
parekareka (Northern Spotted Shag) x3, 
Taraiti (Tern) x3 
and kereru (pigeon) x3.
I know, that adds up to 18.  Kokako was delivered early and didn't make it to the stack.
Kokako x3
All 21 scarves are hand woven with hand dyed merino yarn, the fleece of which originally came from Armidale Station in Central Otago, New Zealand and was spun at the Bruce Woolen Mill, Milton.
  This was a real fun project with each scarf within a family a different pattern, some chosen because of their relevance to New Zealand culture, some because they reminded me of the way bird feathers lie.
We'll talk about the birds individually over the next few days.


  1. Outstanding. They sound lovely - yarn, pattern and symbolism. I'll have to tell you about my friend who has alpacas and is learning to spin!

  2. Thanks Kylie. You've kept very quiet about your friend with alpacas. I'm waiting on an alpaca fleece I won at Festival earlier in the year.