Friday, April 15, 2016

Ann's kitchen towels

This post is really a record for me.  The photos are awful but if you look at the light stripe on the outer edges you will see the treadling line followed.  Threaded in 6 shaft echo, 28 tpi, 2 threads of 20/2 cotton together, charcoal and rust alternating.
My brief was the colours in these bracelets.

 Below, echo weave, pohutukawa green weft. 2:1 twill

 Below, turned taquete, apricot weft, two shuttles one with single thread the other with double thread.  The pattern is not very distinct.
 Below, 4 colour double weave with white and green in weft.
Below, 4 colour double weave, apricot and green in weft 
 Below, apricot weft, echo.
 Below, echo, white weft, treadling line same as threading
 Below, echo with 2:1 twill (which I just read is called jeans twill)
 Below, echo with pale green cotton/linen weft
 I think this last is echo again with a cream weft. 
 I seem to have missed photographing one which I'm sure was 4 colour double weave.
 Out of 9 towels there are just 2 left, 5 will go to the States and 2 are off to France.

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  1. These are beautiful Dianne, the memory trace of the beads, subtle and warm.