Monday, October 23, 2017

Table mats

Looking for some advice please.  You may remember a couple of posts ago I was working on these place mats.  They are finished but I haven't been able to get a "beauty" shot of them.

As there are still several metres of orange and white warp on the loom I thought I'd try another style but they aren't singing to me.  What do you think?  Too busy for a table setting?  The ends are just folded under and all the threads sticking out from the under side are trials of colour, thickness and pattern.
 Reverse side showing more orange.  I'm not an orange fan so maybe that is influencing my thoughts.
 My second query is, how would you present place mats to a shop or gallery for display/sale purposes?  Pinned in a stack, boxed, rolled with paper band around.  As a customer I'd want to be able to feel them and see at least one flat on a surface.
Any thoughts on these subjects?


  1. HI Dianne why not another set in a plainer treadling or even tabby, which can be mixed up with the very busy set. Or it can go with very plain crockery.

    1. Thank you Marlene. I did try my white dinner set on it after publishing this post and it did look good. Also the orange (which has a yellow crossing it) tones with kauri and rimu furniture nicely.

  2. Hi Diane,
    I am using a fair bit of orange lately and find that using a bright blue will tone it down considerably. I love the bold pattern and would market it as a 'contemporary' style. I have had success with stacking 3 mats together and folding the 4th on top partially flipped up to show the reverse if it is pretty. I like to show the size of the place mats as it can be essential to the sale. Wishing I was in beautiful NZ right now, not on my mist covered island in Canada starting winter!