Thursday, September 10, 2009

Blankets and wrap

Whew that last post was a bit down.  I am actually at peace with it all.  At present we're trying to get Mum to accept rest home care as she is not coping on her own in the villa despite all the support.

I have been weaving blankets.  Sent a red blanket and matching cushion with thrums fringing to Inspirit Gallery and have just sent off three blankets to Pauanesia in Coromandel Seascape tones of which I can't post pictures as they should be in the spring brochure of Pauanesia.  I do think they are some of the best I've made so far if I may say so!  Here's a shot of the mohair weft.

Then just for fun, and I don't know if it'll work because I didn't wind enough warp to sample (silly me), I tied a warp onto the deflected double weave but rearranged the reed so there is a big gap in the middle and I'm hoping that when this felts it will create long ropey threads.

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