Thursday, September 10, 2009

Love your Mums

I know we've just celebrated Father's Day but its my Mum dominating my life at present.  She turned the grand age of 98 in August and until recently kept fairly good health apart from the expected broken bones, osteoporosis and arthritis.  Nearly 12 months ago she had a "turn", possibly a stroke or heart attack combined with dehydration, and has not picked up from that and now the mind is going.  It comes and goes but recent memory is very poor but back 60 or 70 years ago no problem, clear as a bell.  It was a heartbreaking shock the first time she didn't know who I was, but that was almost better than what she says when she does recognise me, lets just say not pleasant.
Anyway I just wanted to say love your Mum's with all your might cause when they get older you'll need that strength.

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  1. Well said. I have a tenuous relationship with my Dad. He'll soon be 83 and Mother soon 80. I try to tell them I love them, but living a little distance away definitely makes it easier for me.