Thursday, February 4, 2010

Exhibition weaving and spinning

I'm still weaving away most days.  Have 4 sofa throws ready to go to Pauanesia next week and am working away at the clear filament projects for my exhibition later in the year.  It   is   so   slow!  I can't see if the threads are crossed, I place them neatly in the shed, close and beat, and sprong, they're all over the place and the selvedges ... just don't look, organic might describe them.  I seem to remember from the last time I used this fibre thinking if the shuttles (stick) drop one more time the whole lot's going out the window.  I was pretty close to it this afternoon!  So what do you do? take a long walk along the beach, that's what.  Relieves the spirit and the muscle tension.
Found this on my camera when looking for another photo.  This is the filament warp before winding on the loom, with many choke ties.

Remember the pile of compost (thrums) in a previous post, about three posts back I think.  Part of it is now yarn mixed with all sorts of things I found in the cupboard, combed silk, sari silk threads, Italian silk throwsters, slivers I deconstructed to pinch the blue.  I plied it with a very fine (Tex 1/18) navy blue cashmere I had to hand to emphasise the handspun variety.  I have about 220 metres so what will that make?

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