Saturday, February 27, 2010


Enough of the dog already.
Next weekend is Professional Weavers Network annual seminar in Auckland and after seminar we're having a workshop on designing/styling fabric/garments from handwoven cloth with Sue Scarf so I thought it time I got out my fabric stash and fulled it, finished it and had a jolly good look.  Both pieces have been maturing in the fabric stash cupboard for some time.  Do you know they do improve with age!  I rather like them now, can see possibilities.
This is wool, teal and anenome stripes with a variegated stripe every so often.  For some reason I threaded it and wove it with a space every 2 inches of about half an inch and of course the threads moved to fill the gaps.  I can imagine it with a contrasting (maybe hot pink) lining peeping through the spaces.  There is at least 5 metres.  A jacket is the obvious style but maybe a long tunic top.

The second bolt I wove so long ago I couldn't remember which loom I used until I saw the network drafted pattern so it must have been on the dobby and that must be two or three years ago.  Yikes!
Its mostly cotton with one acrylic thread which didn't shrink and has made little loops at irregular intervals - I think that's why it was never made up.  Again there is about 5 metres and I had planned to use a Burda pattern for a shirt with a tie feature at the front.  Hmmm.  Apologies for the photos but if I went back to try again this would never be posted.  You can just see the networking on the blue bolt.


  1. What? Only two pieces? And only 2 or 3 years old? Hhhmmmm, if fabrics improve with age then some of mine must be pretty fantastic by now. I really need this workshop.
    See you soon Dianne.

  2. Yes well ... we won't mention the cotton length with a pattern pinned to it that goes back to motor camp days. Hmmm fabric, pins, salt air!