Thursday, April 15, 2010

Panic attack

Woke this morning having a panic attack about the lack of anything getting done or finished for exhibition and the house looking like a tip.  Decided I wasn't getting anywhere lying in bed worrying so got up and with cup of tea to hand did the two baskets of ironing while watching the sun rise over the Pacific.  What's not to enjoy?

Have now drawn up a calendar for myself to July 2, Opening at Inspirit.  I have 5 and 1/2 weeks till Tauranga opening and about 11 weeks till Inspirit.  Some Inspirit work must be framed/mounted by 1 June for photographing for advertising.  Have made a big decision to name the Inspirit exhibition "Low Tide" having gone from a working title of "water", its talking to me.  I also need to take time off to go to Auckland to see my kids so 5 1/2 weeks will be reduced.

One reason for the panic this morning was that some time ago I opened my mouth (wide) and gave a speal about exhibition versus sale of work and how only ones best work should be submitted for exhibition and how it was better to have a few really well made pieces than a room full of mediocre things etc.  I don't feel I have given my best to Tauranga yet but there is still time.


  1. you watched the sun rise? Goodness, you did wake up worried! Scully's Lavender Sleep Aid - $13 in a Mapua shop. Shall I send you one??

  2. I've seen very few sunrises in my life!! Its not my time of day as my family will vouch.
    That's fine thanks Meg. I have some homeopath stuff if needed. As Kylie said on a previous post do what I can, not should.