Monday, April 5, 2010


It is so hard not being able to show the weaving I'm doing for the exhibitions.  Yes there is an "s" on the end of the noun.  As announced in the latest Creative Fibre Magazine (produced by New Zealand Creative Fibre Society) I'm guest exhibitor at the Tauranga Creative Fibre Annual Exhibition at the end of May, my own exhibition opening on 2 July at Inspirit, combining with a group of weavers from the Waikato to exhibit in Te Awamutu in November and the work for the Professional Weavers Network exhibition has to be ready by March 2011.  I keep asking, why has it all happened in the same year, spread it out, why not! 

At Inspirit I'm sharing with a painter from Tauranga, Colleen Dewhurst, who does bright Pacific-y style work.  Not so keen on the religious pieces but love the ladies and fish.

I better get on with it!


  1. They always do; they're like plane crashes! So you'd just have to enjoy the ride, Dianne.

    I met up with my girlfriend and her husband, my old boss, in Welly and loved to talk about their faith, though I personally am so anti-organized-religion after years in a Catholic convent school. But I thought I could definitely get inspired by their Baha'i faith - it sounds so all-encompassing, very nice.

  2. I know how you feel Dianne. I recently had work in five exhibitions at once and it all had to be ready around Feb/March. Pleased though that one of them is my light waves piece getting another outing at Changing Threads in Nelson.

    All the best for Tauranga. I know you will give them lots of colour.

  3. Your last post inspired me to clean under the stove and fridge. Ick ;)
    Congratulations on being a guest exhibitor at Tga and on your Inspirit exhibition. You're famous!!
    This helped me get thru the busy times at uni:
    "You may not always do what you should, but you should always do what you can."