Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Silk prize

On June 19 Susan over at Thrums was having fun offering a prize to a follower of her blog to celebrate her 100th follower.  If you go read the wee story the first person whose name came out of the hat didn't respond within a week and at the second draw my name came up.  After some correspondence with Susan its Murphy's law but she then heard from the first drawee who had been shifting home.  Susan graciously sent silk to us both and mine arrived yesterday, 100gm of luscious semigloss silk.  I'll let it mature for a short while till a worthy project comes along.  Many thanks Susan.


  1. Congrats Dianne; great to see a NZ-er's name come up in the draw.

  2. Actually, I was thrilled when a Kiwi won as I have so many fond memories of those lovely Islands!

    Enjoy your silk!