Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Low Tide Exhibition at Inspirit Gallery

You wouldn't believe it but the busiest week of my year, the week I've been working towards for soooo long and I've got a winter virus, eyes, nose, throat, the works.

Yesterday was "hanging" day at Inspirit so I drove the 1 1/2 hours to Hamilton with car loaded with goodies.  After the arrival of Colleen and Dave and coffee and scones we got going.  I think I'll let the pictures, which were taken before everything was finally settled, do the talking.
The fabric for the Theo Moorman work is courtesy of Pauanesia in Auckland.  Once it came off the loom it was machine embroidered to enhance the image.  I'm not too keen on the height of the two pieces in the middle of the top picture but the hooks were already in the wall!  The monofilament and shell pieces are what inspired the title of the show.  I love walking the beach at low tide and some days if there is the right amount of cloud and the sun in the right position it feels like walking on clouds and on a rare occasion if everything is perfect its magic, like walking in space.  I really like the way Colleen Dewhurst's paintings and my work complement each other.  A proud moment for me.

There is a lot more to see as Jenny also wanted a selection of my scarves and blankets in the gallery (but not the exhibition) as well.  Some are on 'necks' on the empty plinths you can see.

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