Thursday, July 8, 2010

More Echo

Had an enjoyable evening at the Low Tide exhibition opening on Saturday, 3 - 5 pm.  After the speeches that is.  Not my favourite activity and especially when dosed up on antibiotics for infected sinuses.  (That's right, no winter virus but pesky sinuses.)   Got to talk to lots of people and catch up with a few friends, then went into Hamilton and had tea with my daughter at a Greek restaurant.

These are a couple of the extra scarves which are in the gallery now.  I can't figure how to put captions on the photos but the one on the left is lava with a black alpaca/silk 64/2 weft and hand dyed merino warp.  The echo shows quite nicely there, more so than the scarf on the right, Fire, with same warp but deep red, almost burgundy merino weft.  What you don't get in the wool echo weave is the iridescence a reflective yarn such as silk gives.
Another version, rippling water with one warp chain painted and the second plain navy.  I have now changed the dobby chain and there is another take from both these warps.  What I did was leave enough red warp for another scarf, tie the blue warp on and pull through reed and heddles to back beam,  weave the above blue scarf, repeg dobby chain, weave another blue scarf, wind the knots forward through the reed and heddles and weave another red scarf.  Is that all too much for sensitive ears.  I do this sort of thing all the time and don't have any problems so long as the knots are all even.  Pictures later.

I've been working on some samples for the next range of blankets and until I get the go ahead for them I think I'll blob out with spinning wheel and a movie.

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  1. What wonderful weaving! I'm a huge fan of Echo weave and it's lovely to see your scarves, wish I could feel them!