Sunday, February 27, 2011

I cut it off!

Well, I went back to the cashmere scarf, threw the shuttle twice and broke two warp threads so out came the scissors and its gone.  Tied on some black merino in 110/2 TEX and have woven a scarf 2.2 metres long with not a problem.
Last post I also mentioned keeping knitting records.  Went to the knitting machine to repeat a project I'd made about 4 years ago, found the page in my work book with a few bits of information like tension, stitches and rows per inch but did I keep a record of colours - no - did I keep a record of the actual stitch pattern - no.  Nothing like making work for myself.
Have had a muddly week dyeing yarn for this, working on patterns for that, deciding which sample is best for this.  Now I have guests coming to stay so will have to return all the overflow from the studio back to its home and squeeze it in.  Enjoy your week.

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