Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Majacraft camp

Just spent a very relaxing but busy weekend in Rotorua at the Majacraft camp.  This is an annual event organised by Glynis and Owen; they looked so relaxed but I'm sure it took a lot of work behind the scenes to keep it flowing.  Several participants from USA and about 8 from Australia joined us.  Tutors were excellent including Flore Vallery Radot from Paris/Sydney, Heather Dunn and Mandie Chandler from Australia, and from NZ we had Jessicah Win, Heather Kearins and Genny Stevens.  There were a lot of "art yarns" floating around the campus in various stages of drying or being worn as neck warmers etc.  It was very free and if you didn't feel like going to a workshop you could sit on the deck in the sun and spin or walk around the shores of Lake Rotorua.

I have one of the early Majacraft Suzie wheels and Andrew was kind enough to give it some TLC so that the wheel doesn't wobble.  I was told my bobbins rattle cause they're more than 20 years old and the bearings are wearing.  I must give it a wax so that it doesn't look so neglected.

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