Tuesday, July 5, 2011

More interleaved samples

I've closed the sett from 20 to 24 tpi and its much better but now wish I'd tried 30 tpi just to see.  The last sample is starting to get the bloppy appearance I could wear but think I'll give up on this threading for fabric.  I've closed the sett right up to 60 tpi (gasp .. I've never been there before) for a cotton scarf in, I think, 20/2 and we'll see where that takes me.


  1. I will try again. Much better with the closer sett. What type of yarn are you using in your warp?

  2. The green is a cotton/linen and the others are all unmercerised cottons, about 20/2 used double (as I said before, from the "ugly box").
    The scarf I'm just in the process of tying on is mercerised cotton so it will be interesting to see the effect.