Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Interleaved threading sample 1

Two days to thread the loom with lots of crossed threads which I think are all fixed by the end of this sample.
I have to revisit the sett as I think too much of the white weft is showing.  Every alternate warp thread is an olive green and its not showing at all.  Conclusion - warp threads should be of equal strength of hue.
My aim is to find a treadling which I like for fabric for a jacket or tunic top or some such.  Any of these is suitable for tea towels but not what I was after.  The middle wavey line uses 5 end advancing treadling and it looked like blotches of colour on the original draft on the computer screen.  The top sample used a tie up with quite a bit of tabby and of course it weaves as basket weave on an interleaved threading.  The patterns would show clearer if I hadn't put stripes in the warp.  Anyone any suggestions.

So back to the drawing board.

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