Friday, September 9, 2011

Always the bridesmaid!

Had a very enjoyable day in Hamilton on Wednesday before going to the Opening of the Creative Fibre Experience.  It started with drinks and nibbles and lots of hugs of people I only get to see irregularly and then the prize giving.  I received a merit for the merino shibori scarf, 'Kaimai'.  The certificate was presented by the selector, Jane Siddell, and she said to me it was such a hard choice between the winner and two merits.  Its interesting that the other two prize entries was a handspun knitted baby shawl which was beautiful and a felted scarf which was very striking.

Then we were allowed to go in to the gallery to see the exhibition.  I was so intent on seeing everything before the two hour trip home I forgot to take a single photo.

As I moved around the exhibition I was looking at the table of exhibits beside where my "Forest Canopy" scarf was hanging I overheard a lady say "Oh I really like this one" so I was very heartened.  My friend Agnes from Fibreholics won the Robyn Hogg colour award and also the top prize, the Creative Fibre Award, for a beautiful wrap with three interleaved threadings.  Another friend, Lyn Walsh, took the Complex Weavers Award with a wrap in deflected double weave.  Thats the one I covet Lyn.  I'll keep trying and maybe one day ...

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