Thursday, September 1, 2011

Where's it gone?

Have been trying to sort stuff out and finish off a few jobs before going away for a months holiday soon.  Not long after getting back I'm going to be teaching a workshop on loom controlled shibori so opened my teaching box and .... where is the sample scarf to show the technique.  Oh bother, that's what I dyed up for the Creative Fibre exhibition.  No problem, I'll thread the loom and weave another.  After all  I didn't really need a cotton sunfrock to wear on Rhodes!

Don't tell any of my students but one of the drafts I had sent off for them to use had never been trialed by me so I've killed two birds with one stone and threaded the loom accordingly.  I'm so glad I did because I keep thinking of "what if's".  Also glad that, for once, I put on enough warp to sample.  I'm off to roll on the warp and weave.

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