Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I'm back

A bit late reporting in but as usual after a busy exciting trip I got home with ill health and had to take to bed for a few days.  Just got cleared up and I've spent the last weekend in Auckland teaching shibori to a great group of girls.  Of course, a weekend is extended as it takes a day to get there and another to get home.  Wonderful to see family (i.e. grandson - he's so cute) and catch up with friends as well.

We had the most wonderful trip and saw so many different things that I couldn't say any one experience was better than another.

I'll give a quick run down of the trip.  We decided to fly to Greece via San Francisco where we had a 4 night stop over after a 12 hour flight.  Did we rest?  No, we trained inland to Merced as a base to get to Yosemite National Park, an extraordinarily majestic experience.  A second 12 hour flight over Greenland and Scotland to Frankfurt and a 5 hour stop on the ground before flying on to Athens for one night when we flew to Hania on Crete (still our favourite place).  Bussed to the east end of the island and met and spent time with Pete's cousin at Kritsa before bussing on to Sitea.  Flew to Rhodes and really enjoyed our time there before boating to a wee island called Symi, the driest island in the Greek archipelago (they bring their water in by ship) and we struck two days of torrential rain, lightning and thunder and power loss.  From Symi we boated back to Rhodes so we could fly to Rome where we trained straight south to Castelamere di Stabia (south of Naples).  Three days saw us at Pompei, Heraklion and a trip down the Amalfi Coast.  Back to Rome for one night with an early flight back over the pole to San Francisco for a couple of nights before home.

After sorting a few things at home we lay down for 40 winks about 4pm (that's 40 minutes) and we woke at 4 am the next day!


  1. My god! What a trip! I'm tired just reading about all the travel..

    You certainly had an amazing adventure! Are you going to be sharing pictures in the coming days and weeks? I sure hope so!

    I'm not surprised to hear you came home under the weather after all that flitting about the world!

    :) Susan

  2. When you live at the bottom of the world it takes so long and so much dosh to get to the other side one has to make the most of it.
    My husband is the photographer so I'm waiting on him processing some pics taken on my behalf.