Sunday, January 1, 2012


Several people in my family are allergic to wool (and I have more than most yarn shops, but we won't go there just yet) but who would have thought I could collect this group of cotton, rayon and other manmade fibres together without going shopping.  
The same with this group of black through grey which I have started knitting, unlike the group above.  More later when prototype completed.  (Unfortunately, its not looking as good as the yarn collection would have led one to believe.)

I knitted like the clappers and finished these Tardis socks in time for wrapping for Christmas.  Yarn:  Waikiwi from Naturally Yarns, merino, possum, alpaca and nylon, 4 ply.  The first hand knitted socks I've made and they'll probably be the last.  Can't believe how long they took to make.  I used steel needle size UK13 (2.25mm) and UK12 (2.75mm) which had belonged to my grandmother and then Mum and I couldn't help wondering, as I knitted, how many pairs of socks had been knitted on those needles.  I had printed instructions from Yarn Harlot's post December 24 (the proper way to receive a knitted gift) in case they weren't greeted in the correct manner but I needn't have worried,  a big smile, socks on feet all day!
Handspun corriedale, sliver from Anna Gratton, lace pattern from old magazine.  Knitted while travelling - airport stop overs, on trains, in hotels.  The recipient's husband said she would have to get a new outfit to go with the gloves!
Not a Christmas gift but finished and delivered to grandson Jack on the day.  Recycled denim was lovely to knit and shows off the cables well.  Why does my knitting always turn out smaller than I planned after its stitched up?

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