Sunday, January 29, 2012

Market, shibori, kauri

Yesterday was market day in Whangamata and as usual I had a stall.  I decided to move some stock so I could have fun creating new ideas so I put up a sale sign announcing 50% off the marked price of everything.  It worked not too badly and had a reasonable number of sales.  Some things I could have sold twice over so there were some disappointed customers but I didn't take orders as really, at 50% off, they were give away prices.  Caught up with some friends from years past and had fun.  We won't mention the Devonshire scones and tea though.  Shhh!
My shibori samples of navy blue cotton which I've bleached (maybe I should say decoloured).  Anyway the purple is just what I wanted so now I have to work out the metres needed for a garment and hope I have enough thread.  The wee rust thread in the right hand side sample denotes a change of treadle to try a different stripe sequence.  Its actually not as dark as that; my photography skills are the problem.
 On one of the four sunny days we had last week before the rain returned we decided to go on a bush walk for a change and discovered this grove of kauri trees, a slow growing majestic native of New Zealand.  Although this pic shows mostly punga trees there were many.  As it took a second or two to point and shoot my camera I spent some time picking up fallen kauri tree leaves and bark while Pete spent time with his shot.
Thinking I would try dyeing yarn with them I'm wondering if they should be soaked or boiled or if and what sort of mordant?
Yes, these weeds are out of focus as they kept moving in the breeze but what glorious colour.

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