Saturday, March 31, 2012

Another blanket series

 Warp for a series of blankets for Pauanesia in Auckland, Anawhata beach was my reference.  I tried a new (to me) way to get varigation in the dye process.  I chained the 5.5 metre warp fairly tightly before putting it in the dye pot.
 This gave me almost white areas in some places so I then undid the chain and back in the dye pot it went, the dark became darker and the light areas took on colour, almost like ikat when on the loom.
 Then what do you do when the looms ready to go, the weft dyed and its pouring with rain?  Turn on the bathroom towel rail of course.
And now silly me never took a photo of the finished product, I was in such a hurry as we were going to Auckland to see family and friends and I wanted to deliver it.  I know one blanket will be in Pauanesia's window come Tuesday.  The first one sold before we could say "love it".

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